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​​A painter, suffocated by his traumatic memories, blurs the lines between reality and imagination, and finds the hope of rebirth through his own creation: a cosmic being that inhabits another dimension.

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To be born is to declare death.
To be reborn, life.

Adam, a 45-year-old painter, wrestles with the ghosts of his past, consumed by the weight of traumatic memories that drive him to the brink of suicide. Meanwhile, in a parallel dimension, ksms, a cosmic creature, grapples with the daunting ordeal of its own birth.


Despite existing in separate dimension, their shared anguish forms a cosmic connection, drawing them together in the liminal space between life and death.


In this intersection of worlds, they discover a glimmer of hope and renewal in each other's presence. Through Adam's artistic expression, he immortalizes ksms in his latest painting, a poignant symbol of rebirth and the enduring cycle of life's complexities.

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director's statement

The central idea of 'ksms' delves into the complexity of grappling with traumatic experiences, emphasizing how the absence of genuine self-awareness can propel individuals into unimaginable depths of despair. Urgency surrounds the quest for hope and necessitates crucial dialogue on mental health, with the film serving as a pivotal avenue for such discourse. Despite the potential for varied interpretations, it offers a message of solace and reassurance.

The genesis of the character 'ksms' dates back to 2019, pre-pandemic, originating from a body research laboratory exploring personal anguish through movement. Evolving over subsequent years, it draws inspiration from the confinement of the pandemic era and the struggle for self-expression. The creature's mouthless aesthetic symbolizes the agony of ethereal birth, highlighting the pain and delicacy of reawakening amid life's trials.

Visually, the ambivalence of the two main characters, ksms and Adam, manifests in contrasting universes. ksms' realm, bathed in warm light, exudes fluidity and serenity, while Adam's suffocating world is characterized by muted tones and stifling stillness. Their convergence accentuates the delicate balance between the beauty and anguish of existence, depicted through symbolic imagery such as the clock striking 8:18 and their eventual physical meeting.

Embedded within this narrative are influences from visionary storytellers who have shaped the director's approach to filmmaking. From Mark Friedberg's production design to the narrative experimentation of "Memento" and the psychological depth of "Requiem for a Dream," each inspiration contributes to the film's multidimensional engagement with audiences. Ultimately, the aspiration is to blur the lines between reality and imagination, inviting viewers into a transformative cinematic experience.

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meet the director

"Making art isn't about covering yourself with layers, but ripping them off."

Ula Warzeé, aged 29, has been professionally active since 2005, working as a dancer and actress in various mediums including television, film, commercials, theater productions, music videos, and musicals. She pursued studies in Editorial Production at Anhembi Morumbi in São Paulo, Graphic Design and Motion Graphics at Panamericana School of Arts, and holds acting degrees from INDAC Escola de Atores (BR) and The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York.


Her passion for storytelling developed at an early age. At thirteen, she was already writing scripts, filming, and directing experimental films with her friends. But her fascination with film as an art form was sparked after a deep research about the nouvelle vague movement.

In 2017, she founded her own production company, COCUN, to channel her artistic vision, which is also producing this film. "ksms" marks her debut as a professional filmmaker, showcasing Ula's signature style.

She delves into the depths of the human psyche, exploring complex themes and characters, drawing inspiration from her favorite writers, Oliver Sacks and Dostoyevsky. She also extensively studies psychoanalysis, particularly the works of Winnicott, to develop her characters with depth and authenticity, infusing her narratives with psychological complexity and emotional resonance. Ula's inspirations include directors such as Kleber Mendonça Filho, Agnès Varda, Darren Aronofsky, and Xavier Dolan, whose works have influenced her storytelling style and visual aesthetics.

She is captivated by experimenting with innovative narrative structures, and strives to create films that resonate with audiences on intellectual and emotional levels through visually engaging storytelling techniques.

production team

Marcel Simoneau


2Ula Warzeé Headshot_edited.jpg

Ula Warzeé



Nel Costa

Executive Producer


Luiza Agostini

Production Manager


Marcel Simoneau

as Adam

2Ula Warzeé Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Ula Warzeé

as ksms


Eliel Lessa

as Teo


Luiza Agostini

as Suelen


Warner Borges

as Denis


Gabriela Oliveira

as Isa


Larissa Castilho

as Bia


Gabi Rocha

as Jô

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Carinna Morena

as Karen



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