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Short Film

Release Date

March 2024


Brazil (Mooca, São Paulo)


Marcel Simoneau as Adam
Ula Warzeé as ksms
Eliel Lessa as Teo
Luiza Agostini as Suelen
Warner Borges as Denis
Gabi Rocha as Jô
Gabriela Oliveira as Isa
Larissa Castilho as Bia
Carinna Morena as Karen

Carinna Morena
Marcel Simoneau
Nelson Costa
Marcio Fein as Doctor
Pedro L. Costa as 4 years old Teo

Director: Ula Warzeé
Producers: Marcel Simoneau and Ula Warzeé
Writer: Ula Warzeé
Executive Producer: Nel Costa
Production company: COCUN
Director of Photography: Diego Querzoli
Production Manager: Luiza Agostini
First AD: Beatriz Paulussen
Camera/DIT: Pedro Pereira
Focus Puller: Renato Leitão
Best boy: Henrik Bornia
ksms’ make up: João Marcos Oliveira and Daniela Gonc
Make up assistant: Sandra Font
Costume Designer: Larissa Castilho
Choreographer: Rafael William
Production Designers: Luiza Agostini and Ula Warzeé
Editors: Ula Warzeé and Rodrigo Bodstein
Colorist: Rodrigo Bodstein
Sound Designer: Eduardo Arrj and Pedro Quiriku
Post production sound: NAVE Áudio
Composers: Eduardo Arrj, Vitor Fraga and Thiago Varzé
Dialogue editor: Eduardo Arrj
Foley & SFX: Eduardo Arrj
Sound mixer: Eduardo Arrj
Finishing: Nits.Lab
Painter (ksms' painting at the gallery): Luiza Sutton
Additional footage Doctor’s office: Personal archive
Additional footage ksms in credits: Iñigo Cuatrecasas
Driver: Raniele Portela
Set construction: Renato Ribeiro, Gilberto da Silva and Jocélio Neri
Legal department: Marília Sodré
Partnership: IN Engenharia and Tani Laticínios
SONG "TUDO" (T0391473189): Under license from LadoA Music. Kindly provided by the author. Author: Fernando Forni. Singer/Recorded by Thiago Varzé. Cello: Jaques Morelenbaum. Piano: Renato Fonseca. Album “Outros Ares” (2011).
Graphic design: COCUN
Cosmos’ cereal license: The "Cosmos Cereal” has been designed using assets from


Ula Warzeé

Production Company



Ula Warzeé and Marcel Simoneau


Diego Querzoli


Ula Warzeé

Adam, a 45-year-old painter, wrestles with the ghosts of his past, consumed by the weight of traumatic memories that drive him to the brink of suicide. Meanwhile, in a parallel dimension, ksms, a cosmic creature, grapples with the daunting ordeal of its own birth. Despite existing in separate realms, their shared anguish forms a cosmic connection, drawing them together in the liminal space between life and death. In this intersection of worlds, they discover a glimmer of hope and renewal in each other's presence. Through Adam's artistic expression, he immortalizes ksms in his latest painting, a poignant symbol of rebirth and the enduring cycle of life's complexities.

For to be born is to declare death. To be reborn, life.

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